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Vice Prof. Ma Ying Won Subsidy from China Postdoctoral Science Foundation



After evaluation of experts and verification of council from China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (hereinafter referred to as CPSF), Vice Professor Ma Ying, who works at the Material Science & Engineering Postdoctoral Research Station of Xiangtan University won the third batch of special subsidy from CPSF(with his cooperative supervisor Prof. Zhou Yichun). It is the first time for postdoctoral researchers in XTU to obtain this honor.


The special subsidy of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation is set by CPSF to offer financial support to postdoctoral researchers with major scientific achievements and strong research capacity during their service in postdoctoral stations. Initiated in 2008, it is elected once a year with the sum of 100,000 yuan. After recommendation of the working organization, this award has to go through stringent telecommunication evaluation and conference evaluation of experts. Different from subsidy given to general projects, this one places greater emphasis on innovation ability of researchers in postdoctoral stations with more funding efforts. By choosing the best people of the best, the subsidy provides financial aid for excellent postdoctoral researchers.

Personnel Department
     Nov. 25, 2010