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Sky31.com Wins the Title of “National Top-100 College Website” and “Best Cultural Construction Award



Recently, guided by Political &Ideological Education Department of Ministry of Education and hosted by web of Chinese student on line, the result of “the Fourth National Top-100 College Website” was announced. Sky31.com, league student website of XTU won the title of “National Top-100 College Website” and “Best Cultural Construction Award” for the third time. Xiao Bin, the CEO of Sky31 studio was appraised as “Excellent Student Judge” and got a chance to attend Student Judge Winter Camp hosted by Development Center of Chinese Student Online.


This activity was launched in June, 2010, lasting for nearly 6 months, and attracted the attention and positive participation of the college students from more than 500 universities all over the country. The judges were made up of real-name registered users, student judges and executive members of the council etc. After six links including four steps, that was, real-name users’ voting and network public discussion, student judging panel, expert judging panel and field evaluation, national top-100 college websites and 12 prizes for separate items were awarded. 100 websites won the title of “the Fourth National Top-100 College Website” involving Sky31.com of XTU and new network of Peking University, homepage of People’s University of China, and Red Web of Tsinghua University etc. Among the 12 prizes for separate items, Three-wing Campus was awarded “Best Cultural Construction”; Tianwaitian Website of Tianjin University got “Best Ideological Political Creation Award”; homepage of South China University of Technology won the prize of “Best Honest Culture”; Student Employment Service Website of Lanzhou University was awarded “Best Student Employment Service Prize”; South Psychological Online of South China Normal University won “Best Mental Health Education Award”; E-class of Shanghai Ocean University got the prize of “Best Civilized Network Community”; 1000.hnu.cn of Hunan University won “Best Commonwealth Practice Award”; Engineering Website of Harbin Engineering University got “Best Teaching and Research Advancement Award”; New Network of Fudan University was awarded “Best Technology Application Prize”; Qiushichao Website of Zhengjiang University won “Best Visual Effect Prize”; Hustonline.net of Huazhong University of Science and Technology got two prizes of “Best News Publicizing” and “Best Student Creativity”.

Committee of Communist Youth League, XTU
Dec. 13, 2010