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Prof. Luo He’an Won the Seventh Hunan Guangzhao Sci-tech Awards



At the Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Awards Conference held on February 14, Professor Luo He’an from Xiangtan University won the Seventh Hunan Guangzhao Sci-tech Awards. In addition, the winners of Guangzhao Sci-tech Awards were honored the title of “Provincial Model Workers”.


Prof. Luo He’an has long been engaged in research on and teaching of chemical reaction engineering and chemical system engineering. Placing special stress on combining theories and methods, he is committed to R & D of new chemical products, new techniques and new technologies as well as intensification of chemical processes. Prof. Luo has chaired and finished key national science and technology projects, projects of 863 program (State High-Tech Development Plan), projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, major special projects of Hunan and enterprise scientific & technological projects. He has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award twice, the first prize of the Chinese Colleges Awards for Natural Science by Ministry of Education, the first prize and the third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award at the provincial and ministerial level on two occasions respectively. He has been granted 14 national patents for invention as the first named inventor and 1 international patent for invention, making the economic benefits generated by transformation of scientific and technological achievements average over 300 million yuan per year in the recent 5 years. The professor has published in all over 150 academic papers, quoted by others for more than 600 times. SCI has quoted his papers for 250 odd times and one of his papers has been referred to by SCI for a maximum of more than 150 times. There are two highly acclaimed modes related to Prof. Luo He’an in the international community, namely Luo & Svendsen’s Mode and Luo’s Mode, which are adopted by the world-renowned Fluent and CFX, soft wares of computational fluid dynamics. Prof. Luo is honored with the first and second prize of Hunan Teaching Awards. He is also cited as elite of the returned Chinese scholars, outstanding expert of Hunan, leading science and technology personnel of Hunan as well as a specialist enjoying the special government allowance granted by the State Council. In addition, he is a deputy to the Eleventh National Peoples Congress.


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Established in 1996 by Academician Zhou Guangzhao, a famous Hunan-born scientist, who was then president of Chinese Academy of Science, Hunan Guangzhao Sci-tech Awards aims to handsomely reward the scientific and technological personnel with outstanding contributions to the scientific, economic and social development of Hunan Province in a bid to boost science and technology in the province. The award is elected every two years. Up until now, altogether 43 outstanding scientific and technical workers have received this honor.


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