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A Book Published by Xiangtan University Press Won Chinese Government Award for Publishing



In recent days, winners of the 2nd Chinese Government Award for Publishing were announced. Food Report of the Peoples Republic of China published by Xiangtan University Press earned the Nomination Book Award of China Government Publishing Award.


Chinese Government Award for Publishing, selected every three years, is the top prize in press and publication sector. As its most important sub-award, Book Award of Chinese Government Award for Publishing is one of the book awards in China enjoying the top honor as well as the only state-level book award in our country. In all 60 book awards and 120 book nomination awards were elected this time.


Food Report of the Peoples Republic of China is a long reportage recording the 6o-year development history of food of the Republic. After its publication, it has drawn extensive attention. It was shortlisted in “One Hundred Major Books Celebrating 60th Anniversary of new China” hosted by Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China, alternative book of the Fifth Lu Xun Literary Prize, work supported by Chinese Writers Association in 2009, and won the first prize of Book Award of the First Hunan Outstanding Publication Award.