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XTU Approved as Demonstration School of College English Teaching Reform by Ministry of Education



In this January, the Ministry of Education (MOE) launched the application for the third batch of Demonstration School of College English Teaching Reform. More than 200 colleges and universities across the country compete for the 35 opportunities. In recent days, MOE approved our university to be one of the third-batch demonstration schools.


In recent years, Xiangtan University has vigorously implemented reform in college English teaching, explored ways to effectively enhance the students’ practice ability, in particular oral communicative ability and cross-cultural communication competence. In addition, centering on curriculum provision, teaching methods, teaching means, teaching contents, academic environment, teaching management, testing system and teaching materials, a series of curriculum innovation and development have been carried out. A personalized, autonomous, and pragmatic learning system in accordance with the status quo of college English teaching in XTU has been established, in which students can choose according to their aptitude. In 2007, the course of College English was awarded “National Quality Course”, and in 2010, the teaching team of College English was rated as Provincial Teaching Team of Institutions of Higher Learning.


(Office of Academic Affairs)