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Subject of Doctor Zhu Weidong Received Aid from KFAS



In recent days, the subject of Doctor Zhu Weidong of Centre for African Laws and Society of Xiangtan University, namely, the Harmonization and Unification of Private International Law in East Asia: Experience from Europe, America and Africa, received aid from “International Scholar Exchange Project” of the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. The Foundation will give financial assistance to Doctor Zhu in his above-mentioned research in College of Law, Seoul National University. This is the first time for teachers in Xiangtan University to gain the support.


The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (short for KFAS) is a registered non-profit legal entity approved by Korea Ministry of Education, Science & Technology. Its “International Scholar Exchange Project” aims to invite outstanding scholars of Asian countries to Korea in a bid to conduct joint scientific research with Korean counterparts in institutions of higher learning and research institutes, thus to boost international academic projects and research, and make contributions to promoting academic development in Asia and enhancing mutual understanding. Every year, KFAS invites fifty excellent scholars from Asian countries to Korea, offering financial support in their scientific research.


Doctor Zhu Weidong has been engaged in research of African law, private international law, and law on international commercial arbitration. From June 2008 to May 2009, with full-amount subsidy by National Scholarship (of Study Abroad) Council, he carried out postdoctoral research in Faculty of Law, Cambridge University. Up till now, he has published eight papers in English on such internationally authoritative journals as Journal of Private International Law (Britain), Yearbook of Private International Law (Switzerland), Recueil Penant(France)and Asian International Arbitration Journal(Singapore). Some of his theses quoted or extracted by Prof. Russell J Weintraub and Prof. Symeon C. Symeonides, famous scholars on private international law.


(Centre for African Laws and Society)