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Two Alumni of XTU Selected as Fellows of SIAM in 2011



The result of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) of America was declared on Mar. 31. Thirty-four scholars won this award, including three Chinese: Yuan Yaxiang, Researcher of Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science of Chinese Academy of Science, Xu Jinchao, Professor of Mathematics Department of Penn State University, and Luo Zhiquan, Professor of Electrical and Computational Engineering Department of University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Yuan and Xu are alumni of XTU in Grade 1977. Xu is Head of Computational and Applied Mathematics Research Institute of XTU and “Furong (Lotus) Scholarship Professor” in Hunan.


SIAM was established in early 1950s to promote the research, development, application of computing and applied mathematics. Thirty-four fellows are awarded around the world in 2011 to approve their outstanding contribution in this field.


                                     School of Mathematics and Computational Science
                                                               April 8, 2011