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(Ta Kung Pao) Central China Intellectual Property Professionals Training Seminar Held in XTU


April 26 is the 11th World Intellectual Property Day. Experts representing intellectual property departments from provincial and city levels, various prestigious enterprises and universities from six provinces across central China pooled wisdom on cultivation of talents in intellectual property rights. They jointly discussed the pattern and methods of training intellectual property professionals. Xie Yong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Hunan Province attended the forum, which probed into the pattern and channel of talent cultivation proceeding from the regular rules in this regard.


High-quality talents in intellectual property rights are in short supply.
The participating experts held that with the economic growth, intellectual property rights enjoy an unprecedented rise of status in world economy, science & technology and trade, becoming a pivotal factor of economic development. In the wake of the upgrading of the intellectual property rights strategy into one of the three major national strategies, high-quality talents in this field are in urgent need. Thats why in the process of transforming development mode and readjusting industrial structure, the former mode of production relying heavily on cheap labor and energy consumption has been transformed to the present mode, integrating the protection of intellectual property rights and investments.
We should not only promote the application of intellectual property rights, but also culture talents with international perspective and capable of implementing international institutions, increase numbers of intellectual property rights and formulate relevant policies.


According to Gong Shiyi, Party chief and director of Hunan Bureau of Intellectual Property Rights, the socialist system of Chinese characteristics emphasizes the sharing spirit. Multi-language teaching should be carried out in cultivation of talents in intellectual property rights, expand the influence of China’s intellectual property rights, and make the high-ranking officials have much say in intellectual property rights.


Hunan’s first college of intellectual property rights established.
In recent years, the status of intellectual property rights has come to the fore, proved by rise of the intellectual property rights strategy as one of the three major national strategies. In 2008, Xiangtan University established Hunan’s first college of intellectual property rights to foster personnel in this field. It caters to the social requirements and corresponds to the economic trend. Deputy Director Xie Yong stated that the forum, combining theory with practice, solicited wisdom for talent cultivation of intellectual property rights in Hunan and the country at large.


On the same day, Intellectual Property Institute of Xiangtan University inked cooperation agreement with Sany Group and Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd (XEMC) to set up Research Center and Practice Base there respectively.

    (Reporter: Wu Chaoqun)
 ——Copied from Ta Kung Pao
 April 28, 2011