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(Hunan Daily) Experts from XTU Leads Super-Intelligent Information Platform


In case a certain enterprise wants to recruit employees, what it has to do is to log in Changsha Legal Service Platform for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), enter the intelligent expert system, then such problems related to risk prevention, contract formulating, legal ground and even case decision will be figured out professionally and efficiently. On April 29, experts from Xiangtan University revealed that their developed legal service platform of the intelligent information platform has been put into operation. Through this platform, SMEs can get easy access to free and convenient specialist-level legal services.


The R & D of Yubang Integrated Intelligent Information Platform is headed by Xiangtan University and gathers multiple renowned experts from institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions. Since last year, XTU had conducted cooperation with Yubang Work Station of Changsha Legal Service Platform for SMEs and Changsha Yubang Information Technology Co., Ltd, injected over 5 million yuan to provide the legal services of the platform for every field of national economy and social development. Based on the concrete affairs of the six modules of administration, personnel affairs, financial affairs, public affairs, business and supervision, an expert system was established to apply the expertise and experience in IT, law, education, management, training and routine duties to the system. In addition, each specific job will be analyzed in terms of risk prevention, institutional improvement, contract formulating, document writing, legal ground, case decision, study proof and monograph reference to build 8 major databases. Through intelligentizing the system, it will help customers use wisdom of experts in a bid to solve problems efficiently.


It is learned that over 20 million yuan is involved to develop such a platform. While building an expert system with mass storage volume of data, the R & D team focuses on the superior Cloud Computing Technology, to offer more services as setting up a work network, opening on-line data bank, and providing services such as “Cloud Promotion”.


              Reporter: He Guoqing, Correspondents: Li Zhenzhou, Jiang Haisong
                                               Copied from Hunan Daily
April 30, 2011