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Alumnus Xu Xiaoshu Won “Dinosaur Award”



Recently, Doctor Xu Xiaoshu, Distinguished Professor of Hunan “Hundred Talents Program” and alumnus of Xiangtan University won the honor of 2011 “Dinosaur Award” issued by Global Alliance Rapid Prototyping Association (GARPA).


Dinosaur represents ancient things. “Dinosaur Award” is conferred to the outstanding contributors engaging in rapid prototyping industries for over 15 years. From 2004 to 2011, 33 elites in all have gained the award, including the 5 winners this year.


Rapid prototyping technologies enjoy an early start in developed countries. More than 200 companies participated in the awarding ceremony this year, including world famous manufactures of rapid prototyping machines, applicators and service providers of rapid prototyping technologies.


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