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Vice President of University of Massachusetts, Boston Visited XTU



On June 21, Xia Zongguo, vice president of University of Massachusetts, Boston paid a visit to Xiangtan University, and held symposium with counterpart of XTU in terms of exchange of teachers and students, cooperation in scientific research. Liu Changgeng, vice president of Xiangtan University participated in the symposium.


At the symposium, Vice President Liu briefed the development of XTU, and highlighted international cooperation and exchange of the university in recent years. Mr. Liu pointed out that recently XUT has reaped substantial scores in international cooperation and exchange, and enjoyed enhanced reputation in the international arena, evidenced by close relationship with over 50 universities from 20 odd countries and regions including France, Spain and Japan. He hoped that the two sides can reach consensus on more fields and ink long-term cooperation agreement through the visit.


After giving a brief introduction to University of Massachusetts and its Boston campus, Vice President Xia Gongguo spoke highly of the development achievements of our university, and affirmed the strong complementarities and broad cooperation fields of the two universities. Afterwards, both sides involved talked over and reached agreement on such issues as cooperation in scientific research, teacher exchange visits, exchange program of students.


Later, Mr. Xia Zongguo delivered a brilliant lecture to the teachers and students of XTU titled “Features, Essence and Waste of Higher Education in America”.