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Prof. David Roger Jone Owen from England Gave Lecture in XTU


On the morning of July 6, Prof. David Roger Jone Owen, member of the Royal Society, academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering and teacher from Swansea University gave a lecture in Xiangtan University at invitation.


With “Computational Modelling of Solid Mechanics” as the theme of the lecture, Professor Owen explained the development trend of this field and his personal experience in scientific research, and had an interaction with the teachers and students present.


Dr. Yuntian Feng, chair professor and Lotus Scholar of Xiangtan University attended the academic lecture and commented on the questions raised by students. The lecture fascinated postgraduates and undergraduates from the whole university.


It is learned that Dr. Yuntian Feng will offer a training course on distinct element method and Lattice Boltzmann method.

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