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President of XTU Attended Seminar for China-Africa University Presidents



The Seminar for China-Africa University Presidents of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) unveiled its curtain in Paris, headquarter of UNESCO from Oct. 24 to 25. Luo He’an, president of Xiangtan University and relevant chiefs of International Exchange Center attended the seminar. During the two-day meeting, 44 university presidents from China and African countries probed into issues of common interest such as how to further promote cooperation between China and African university.


Initiated by the Ministry of Education, China’s Republic of China (MOE), the seminar, centered on the theme of “Future cooperation perspective with African universities”, focused on employment of college graduates and other matters of mutual concern.


Director-General of UNESCO Irina Georgieva Bokova and Minister of MOE Yuan Guiren delivered an important speech respectively. In his speech, Minister Yuan suggested further developing close relationship between Chinese universities and African counterparts, further facilitating exchange of overseas students in China and Africa, hosting bilateral and multilateral negotiations and academic exchanges, and further deepening cultural and educational exchanges in China and Africa, thus reaching a new stage of exchange of and cooperation in higher education of both sides.


President Luo conducted a discussion with Venansius Baryamureeba, President of Makerere University of Uganda, as for bilateral cooperation, and reached agreements in terms of research of African law, environmental protection, cooperative study and personnel training in petrochemical engineering.


(International Exchange Center)