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Alumni Yuan Yaxiang Elected Academician of CAS



On December 9, the Chinese Academy of Sciences published the result of CAS Academician selection. 51 from 314 candidates were selected as academicians through public notice, communicative appraisal, meeting appraisal & selection, follow-up inspection & investigation, and examination & approval. Yuan Yaxiang graduating from Xiangtan University in 1977 was one of those newly-elected.


Yuan Yaxiang was recruited by our university in 1977 majoring in computational mathematics as the first batch of students. He was admitted as a postgraduate student of Computing Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1981, being a student of Prof. Feng Kang. From October 1985 to September 1988, he worked in Fitzwilliam College of Cambridge University. After returning to China, he took a post in Institute of Computing Technology of CAS, turning out to be the youngest researcher of CAS. He once served as deputy dean of the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, president of the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing and director of the State Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing (LSEC).


Yuan Yaxiang has scored a series of brilliant achievements in numerical method and theory of nonlinear optimization. He mainly contributes to trust-region method, quasi-Newton method and conjugate gradient method. His made pioneering efforts in algorithm design of algorithm design and convergence analysis, in particular he figured out a series of important convergence theorem in trust-region method of non-smooth optimization, sufficient and necessary condition of superlinear convergence. In terms of theoretical research of quasi-Newton method, Mr. Yuan and American scientists proved global convergence of quasi-Newton method, one of the most significant fruits in nonlinear programming algorithm in 1980s. “Dai-Yuan Method” jointly proposed by Yuan Yaxiang and his student Dai Yuhong was one of the four major methods for nonlinear conjugate gradient method. In addition, he originated in building a new computing method combining trust-region method and traditional line search method. He initiated the method of constructing quadratic model subproblem by using non-quadratic model and put forward nonquasi-Newton method. The foreign counterparts acclaim that his achievements in trust-region method is fundamental, and his contribution is of utmost importance to optimization.


Yuan Yaxiang won various awards such as the Second Prize of National Natural Science Award, “Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing”, Young Scientist Award of China, the First Prize of Young Scientist Award of CAS. He was honored as Outstanding Individual of the State Key Laboratory, Top 10 Outstanding Youths of China, middle - aged and young expert with prominent contributions, returnee with outstanding contribution, “National Outstanding Scientific and Technical Worker”. In May 2011, Prof. Yuan was elected as a member of American Society for Industry and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).



(Newspaper of Xiangtan University        Reporter: Jiang Haiwen)