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China’s First Theoretical Research and Training Center of Mediation Established in XTU



Hunan Theoretical Research and Training Center of Mediation, jointly established by Justice Department of Hunan Province and Xiangtan University was instituted in Xiangtan University on Oct. 9. It marked a significant step towards the sustainable development of "Three Mediation Linkage", and opened a new chapter in the reform of settlement and mediation of social disputes in Hunan.


According to the development objective of the center, Hunan Theoretical Research and Training Center of Mediation will undertaken the following four tasks: to conduct theoretical research and pragmatic investigation of mediation, and develop series training materials drawing from the mediation experience of Hunan and China at large; to publicize mediation laws and regulations and popularize knowledge on mediation to the public; to undertake the task of training at regular intervals, hold simulation mediation competition and quiz on mediation knowledge, and improve mediation skills; to positively explore, innovate and promote the code standards of mediators, push forward the course of professionalization; to exchange experience in mediation at home and abroad.


Insiders hold that at present, peoples mediation becomes the top choice for dispute settlement, and an important way for governments at all levels to resolve social contradiction and innovate social management. However, in real life, citizens’ knowledge about mediation still remains at the experiential level, with theoretical research on people’s mediation lagging behind. As China’s first theoretical research and training center of mediation, it is of great significance to promoting theoretical and practical innovation in mediation, and facilitating the whole society’s understanding of the unique advantages and pivotal status of people’s mediation. In addition, it helps to provide theoretical support and talent backup for progress of people’s mediation in Hunan, and innovation of social management and construction of a law-based Hunan.