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Our University was Awarded the First Prize by the Ministry of Education for Outstanding Achievements




A few days ago, good news came from Beijing that Enhancing the Construction of Characteristic Campus Culture by Using DV Culture as the Carrier was awarded the first prize by the Ministry of Education for outstanding achievements in the construction of campus culture.


In recent years, our university has attached great importance to the construction of campus culture systems and conducted various types of campus culture activities with different styles and distinctive characteristics. Three campus culture systems have thus formed. The first campus culture system has distinctive characteristics. In it, campus culture activities, including campus-level culture activities, class culture construction, and dormitory culture construction, relying on each other; the second campus culture system is entertaining. In it, campus culture activities, such as comprehensive cultural activities, disciplinary professional and cultural activities, and characteristic cultural activities, complement each other; the third campus culture system is flourishing and lively. In it, campus culture activities include popular cultural activities, elite cultural activities, and academic cultural activities. Students create and spread campus culture and benefit from the latter. Our university has conducted a series of brand activities, such as the “Lark Cup” debate contest, “DV Cultural Festival for College Students”, “Filial Piety Cultural Festival for College Students”, “Three-wing Campus Network”, and “Associations Style Month”. While continuously perfecting the leadership system and working mechanism of campus culture construction, our university has attached special importance to using brand activities to improve the quality of campus culture construction and to serve and advance “Personnel Training” according to the characteristics of our time and our university. It aims to give full play to campus culture in cultivating soft power, enhancing the competitiveness, and promoting comprehensive development of our university.



(Source: the Communist Youth League of Xiangtan University)