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Prof. Sun Changqing from XTU Wins the Khwarizmi Award



Prof. Sun Changqing, a “Lotus Scholar” from the School of Materials,Optoelectronics and Physics of Xiangtan University was awarded as the First Laureate of the 25th Khwarizmi International Award due to the original bond relaxation theory, his unremitting efforts and outstanding contributions to the interdisciplinary fields of coordination bond and electronic control engineering. Witnessed by the ambassador of China, juries and representatives of the funding agencies, Prof. Sun received certificate and trophy cup from the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran this February.


Khwarizmi, acclaimed as “Father of Modern Algebra”, is a well-known mathematician, astronomer and geologist of Persia living in the 9th century. In memory of this great scientist, Khwarizmi Science Award aims to commend those scientists who have had significant achievements and made great contributions to various research fields across the world. The evaluation criterion includes the scientific value and novelty of project, as well as its influence on science, technology, economy and society.


Khwarizmi Award is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Islamic Republic of Iran, and jointly subsidized by 15 international organizations including the World Intellectual Property Organization, International Federation of Inventors Association, UNESCO, United National Development Programme, the Third World Academy of Sciences, Asia-Pacific Regional Center for Technology Transfer, COMSATS, the Organization of Islamic Conference Standing Committee on Scientific & Technological Cooperation , Moslem Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


162 projects from 46 countries contended for the award, and 7 overseas scholars won prize in terms of basic science and applied research. Prof. Sun is the only first laureate winner of this international award.

Prof. Sun’s award-winning work is Bond Relaxation Theory of Defects in Solid, Surface and Nano Structure. His work shows the localization, densification, quantum pinning of energy and bonding electrons resulted from spontaneous contraction and intensification of the chemical bonds of low coordinated atoms as well as local poling of nonbonding electrons in a systematic and detailed manner. It illuminates the common mechanism of defects in solid, solid surface and nano structure, and unifies their performances such as abnormal chemistry, mechanics, thermotics, acoustics, optics, electrics, magnetics and dielectric as well as the dimensional effect of nano structure.


Sun Changqing gained bachelor’s degree and masters degree in physics respectively in 1982 and 1987 from Wuhan University of Technology and Tianjin University. He took office in Nanyang Technological University after taking doctor’s degree in surface science in Murdoch University of Australia at the beginning of 1997. In 2007, Mr. Sun was employed by Xiangtan University as a “Lotus Scholar” of Hunan Province.


(School of Materials,Optoelectronics and Physics)