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Party Chief of XTU Visited Japanese Universities



 “Hunan Province has much in common with Tokushima-ken of Japan and enjoys promising prospect for cooperation. Xiangtan University, as a provincial key comprehensive university, shoulders the responsibility to promote educational exchange and cooperation between Hunan and Tokushima-ken. We are glad that Hunan and Tokushima-ken became sister province and county last October. One month afterwards, Xiangtan University and Shikoku University sealed an inter-university cooperation framework agreement and student exchange agreement, marking the first educational cooperation project of Hunan and Tokushima-ken. We are fully convinced that the cultural and educational exchange will not only act as an important part of exchange and cooperation between the province and county, but also push forward all-around and thorough exchange and cooperation of the two places.” On the morning of June 4, Party chief of Xiangtan University Xiao Guo’an met with head of Tokushima Commerce and Labor Department and made an above-quoted enthusiastic speech.


At the invitation of four universities, from June 3 to 7, Party chief of XTU Xiao Guoan headed a delegation of six chiefs from Law School, School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, School of Chemical Industry Engineering and International Exchange Center visited Tokushima Commerce, Industry and Labor Department, Shikoku University, University of Tokushima, Shiga University and Doshisha University. They met with Director General of Shikoku University Sato Ichiro, President of Shikoku University Fukuda Gordon, President of University of Tokushima Susumu Kagawa, President of Shiga University Takamitsu Sawa and Doshisha University Eiji Hatta, shared cooperative intention with Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences of University of Tokushima, Faculty of Economics of Shiga University, Faculty of Engineering of Doshisha University, and made investigation at the LED Lab of University of Tokushima, Research Center for Energy Conversion System, R & D Center for Composite Materials and Information Research Center of Doshisha University.


This is the delegation’s first return visit since the signing of cooperation agreement between Xiangtan University and Shikoku University, and also the first visit of Hunan-based university to Tokushima since the establishment of friendly relationship between Hunan Province and Tokushima-ken. The delegates were warmly welcomed by Shikoku University, University of Tokushima and Tokushima Government. The local media paid massive attention to the visit, and Tokushima Daily made a special interview to Mr. Xiao Guo’an.


In Doshisha University, Mr. Xiao discussed exchange program of science and engineering graduates with Faculty of Science and Engineering of the school. It is expected to seal graduate exchange agreement this July.


Besides the cooperative intention of the above-mentioned universities, the delegation did research on the management and operation pattern of public and private universities in Japan.


(Source: International Exchange Center)