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Sino-America Legal Exchange Forum & Sino-America Mediation International Training Conference Held



Seminar for the Fourth Sino-America Legal Exchange Forum & the Second Sino-America Mediation International Training Conference was held in Changsha. During the meeting, American legal experts offered training to the professional personnel of alternative dispute resolution in Hunan through explaining mediation theory in the USA, skills and practice. More than one hundred experts and scholars from Xiangtan University, Central South University, court system, judicial administration system and traffic police system of Hunan Province will have an opportunity to experience the pattern and features of law education of the USA.


Xie Yong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial Peoples Congress, Xiao Guo’an, Party chief of Xiangtan University, Yang Xiang, vice president of Hunan High People’s Court, Liu Daolong, deputy director of Hunan Department of Justice, Li Bochao, deputy Party chief of Xiangtan University, Yang Qijun, director of Hunan Provincial Traffic Management Bureau attended the meeting.


Mr. Xiao Guo’an delivered a speech at the conference. He stated that the educating and teaching quality of Xiangtan University enjoyed a good reputation in the whole society. The school has always valued international exchange and cooperation so as to enliven the academic and researching atmosphere, enhance academic standards, and display achievements in scientific research and teaching. American experts’ wonderful teaching can not only promote exchange of professional knowledge and skills in dispute settlement, but also enable scholars and practical colleagues of Hunan to experience the pattern and features of law education in America, further deepen cooperation of Xiangtan University with University of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Judges Association in law education and personnel training.

At the releasing ceremony of Sino-US Legal Exchange Publication Series, Li Bochao and Judge Miller, head of Massachusetts legal delegation unveiled the series, and presented the participating delegates with three books released this time: Sino-U.S. Forum on Evidence Law, Guide to Massachusetts Evidence Law, and How to Be a Good Mediator: Revelation of Sino-US Mediation Training.


Deputy Director Xie Yong stated that the American delegation visited Hunan again to conduct discussion about mediation theory and skills with representatives from universities, traffic police, court system and judicial administration system in Hunan. It served as a gold opportunity to exchange experience in mediation work, and would promote the constant improvement of multi-solving mechanism of social disputes in Hunan. He hoped that the Chinese trainees, based on the advanced mediation experience of America, would combine with social and economic realities, deepen the theoretical research of mediation system and refine the procedural rules and skill standards of mediation work, thus to make new contributions to the construction of law-ruling Hunan and harmonious Hunan.


Miller reviewed the development of legal exchange of both sides. He believed in the substantial fruits in cooperation of Xiangtan University with University of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Judges Association. From 1990s till now, among the Chinese universities cooperating with University of Massachusetts, Xiangtan University is no doubt the best cooperative partner. He hoped that the bilateral cooperation could bear more fruits.


At the appointment ceremony of honorary professors, Mr. Xiao Guo’an awarded letters of appointment to Ms Miller, head of Massachusetts legal delegation and chief justice of Dorchester District Court, Prof. Smith, former dean of Law Institute of Suffolk University, Prof. Metz, director of Dispute Settlement Research Centre of University of Massachusetts, Mr. Honoroff and Mrs. Honoroff, senior mediation experts of America.


It is informed that during the one-week meeting, the American delegates gave an all-side introduction about American mediation experience through teaching, on-the-spot demonstration, simulation drill and interactive discussion, and the Chinese and American participates carried out in-depth discussion of theory and practice related to mediation.


The forum followed the Sino-US Forum on Evidence Law, Sino-US Forum on Jury System and Sino-US ADR Seminar and Training Program. From 2010 to now, XTU, University of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Judges Association have jointly hosted three international conferences of high standard and high level, published Sino-US legal exchange publication series. In addition, they established Xiangtan University of Sino-US Legal Exchange Center, Theoretical Research & Personnel Training Center of Multi-solving Mechanism of Social Disputes. In January 2012, our university and Hunan Provincial Department of Justice jointly set up Hunan Theoretical Research & Talent Training Center of Meditation. It was the first multi-functional organization of China jointly organized by university and government integrating scientific research, practice, training and service. The center hires well-known domestic and overseas mediation experts as part-time professors, and takes the lead in carrying out “Six One” project in the mediation field across the country. “Six One” means setting up a new major, establishing a research center, building a comprehensive website, developing a set of professional textbooks, fostering a team of high-level teachers and cultivating a group of mediation talents.



(Newspaper of Xiangtan University        Reporters: Jiang Haiwen    Correspondents:  Lv Zongcheng, Nie Yingzi)

(Source: Newspaper of Xiangtan University)