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XTU Won 2 Major Projects for Bidding of National Social Science Foundation



The result for the approval of major projects (applied research) of 2012 National Social Science Foundation of China (SSFC) was released recently. After issuing bidding announcement, accepting bid projects, preliminary assessment over computer and oral defense & re-assessment through meeting, and announcing recommended projects, two projects of Xiangtan University—“Research on Enhancing Comprehensive Supportability of National Food Security” reported by Prof. Xiao Guo’an as the principal expert and “Dynamic Tracking and Effect Evaluation Research of Income Distribution System Reform” reported by Prof. Liu Changgeng as the principal expert, stood out in the fierce competition and won the bid. It is the first time for our university to win the bid of SSFC, inspiring prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences.


Prof. Xiao Guo’an’s and Prof. Liu Changgeng’s applied projects for the bidding of National Social Science Foundation of China in past years were recognized as key projects. Since their preliminary research findings were closely related to the above-mentioned two projects, they laid solid foundation for the approval of major projects of 2012 National Social Science Foundation of China. In addition, the united and concerted efforts, repeated reasoning and pursuit of excellence of both principal experts and members of the research group ensured quality of the project and made full preparation for the successful declaration of the project.

Approved by the National Planning Leading Group of Philosophy and Social Science in 2005, the Major projects for Bidding of National Social Science Foundation of China are the most authoritative projects of the highest level in social sciences with the most financial support. The purpose of the projects of applied research is, centering on central and major tasks of the Party and the country, to keep track of new situation and problems in economic and social development and decision-making needs of the Party and government, and select weighty, valuable, pragmatic and effective research results in service of scientific decision-making of the Party and government. Among the 70 bidding projects released this year, 64 obtained approval.


(Office of Social Sciences)