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Alumnus of XTU Yuan Yaxiang Selected First Fellow of AMS



The American Mathematical Society (short for AMS) published the list of its first fellows in November 2012. 1,140 top mathematicians from around the word were among the list, and one of them was Yuan Yaxiang graduating from Xiangtan University in 1977.


Yuan Yaxiang, an internationally well-known expert in optimization calculation method, makes significant contributions to trust-region method, quasi-Newton method and nonlinear conjugate gradient method. He has won various awards such as “Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing”, the third “Young Scientist Award of China”, the ninth “Top 10 Outstanding Youths of China”, “National Outstanding Scientific and Technical Worker”, the Second Prize of National Natural Science Award and “Chen Xingshen Math Award”. In 2011, Mr. Yuan was chosen as a fellow of Society for Industry and Applied Mathematics(SIAM Fellow)and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).


AMS, established in 1888, is one of the most important mathematics organizations in the world. It boasts over 30,000 individual members and 570 unit members. The selection of first fellows started on September 4, 2011, recommended by ASM members through letters or e-mails. It is informed that new fellows in the future will be selected by those who are fellows.


(Newspaper of Xiangtan University)