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Xuan Yuan Education Fund Sowed the Seeds of Love in XTU



“Every subsidized student is a seed. When they are capable, they will spread love, and make the seed of love take root, shoot up and grow into a beneficent towering tree.” On the morning of April 1, Chairman of Hongkong Xuan Yuan Education Fund Luo Wenchun brought love, excitement and gratitude to the teachers and students participating in Xiangtan University Seed Fund Meeting like a spring breeze.


Deputy Secretary of Xiangtan University Party Committee Li Bochao briefed Mr. Luo and his delegation on the fundamental state of XTU, and elaborated on its student subsidization system. “We keep a promise that no student drops out of school due to poverty”, when speaking of helping and supporting the poor, Mr. Li was affectionate, confident and proud. For a long time, the university makes every attempt to set up a service platform of helping the poor, and constructs a dimensional assistance network covering all poor students by means of award, aid, loan, work, discount, subsidy, delay and donation. Since our university pays much attention to mental health of impoverished students, professional mental health education staffs are formed to carry out psychological education focusing on prevention and guidance. In 2006, breaking the ice of educational loans, the school undertook the repayment risk of state educational loans, making itself the first university to do so. Giving full play to school board of trustees and alumni associations, it absorbs social resources to help poor students. At present, 65 scholarships including “Furongwang” Scholarship and “Yongteng” Scholarship have been established successively by units of board of trustees, alumni units, employment units and social enthusiasts.


At the meeting, both sides negotiated a preliminary agreement. Hongkong Xuan Yuan Education Fund will set up “Seed” Education Fund in XTU to provide financial aid for outstanding yet poor full-time undergraduates. 40 students will be subsidized 3,000 yuan every academic year. The first batch of charity fund will be transferred to the school special account in this September. According to the agreement, the subsidized students would sign a letter of commitment, in which they promised to donate the same amount of subverted money to Xuan Yuan Education Fund of Xiangtan University when having economic power in the future to help their juniors of the Alma Mater or help the poverty-stricken students according to their financial situation.


“Seed Education Fund carries the strength of a group of people instead of a certain person. The snowball effect of love will lay the foundation for constructing a harmonious society.” Chairman Luo Wenchun analyzed significance and meaning of the fund from a strategic perspective. Discussing with students, Mr. Luo was deeply touched by circumstances of the poor students and their resilience during hardships on many occasions. “Poverty is never frightful. What matters is that we should have confidence and determination to fight against poverty. Poverty is for the present, not the future.” Mr. Luo encouraged students with his own arduous and struggling life experience. In addition, he hoped that young students could learn gratitude and spread love farther.
At the meeting, a girl student from School of Business talked about her rough life, adversity of her family and unyielding struggle with hardships and destiny. After her parents passed away, she did not despair, nor give in to fate, but faced sufferings and misfortunes with a sunny mindset. “I am more eager than willing to get financial aid.” She hoped more caring people would felicitate poor students’ realization of dreams. The girl promised to shoulder corresponding responsibilities and obligations if she obtained subsidy.


It is learned that Hongkong Xuan Yuan Education Fund, founded in 2001, takes “carry forward the Chinese culture, revitalize the Chinese nation” as its purpose. Since 2002, the fund has donated money to build 56 schools and health centers in rural areas of Hunan, and has carried out “education assistance, scholarship, teaching award” in those schools. Last year, the fund spread its love to some institutions of higher learning.



(Source: Newspaper of Xiangtan University   Reporter: Jiang Haiwen)