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Cross-straits Forum on Philosophy Held in XTU



The Cross-strait Forum on Philosophy was held from April 29 to 30 in Xiangtan University. More than 60 experts and scholars from 6 universities including Renmin University of China, Fu Jen Catholic University and Hunan University conducted exchange and discussion on the topic of “philosophy and spirit of the times”.


On the morning of April 29, the opening ceremony of the forum unveiled at the first Lecture Hall of Yifu Building. Luo He’an, president of Xiangtan University, Hao Lixin, assistant president and dean of School of Philosophy of Renmin University of China, and Chen Fubin, former dean of College of Liberal Arts of Fu Jen Catholic University addressed the opening ceremony. Prof. Li Ruoxin, dean of Philosophy and Culture College of Xiangtan University and “Changjiang Scholar” chaired the ceremony.
President Luo He’an briefed on Xiangtan University and the development of its philosophy. He pointed out that both sides of Taiwan Straits are closely connected culturally. Careful study on Chinese philosophy and culture is of practical significance to promoting cultural exchange and enhancing spiritual ties of both sides. He hoped that experts and scholars present would speak their mind freely, deepen communication, and provide more suggestions about and support to discipline construction of our school.
At the report section of the forum, Hao Lixin, Chen Fubin, Li Ruoxin, Dean of Yuelu Academy Zhu Hanmin and another eight professors delivered a speech respectively, elaborating on cultural development of contemporary China, educational spirit of philosophy, meaning of modernity and its substantial issues, traditional and modern qualities of philosophy, and building overlapping consensus on Chinese contemporary philosophy.


49 conference papers were submitted, covering six aspects such as Chinese interpretation of Western philosophy, research on ethical spirit, research on mentalist philosophy and research on political philosophy. Centering on the theme of “philosophy and spirit of the times”, the forum probed into Chinese classic philosophy, Chinese contemporary philosophy and Western philosophy from different perspectives and directions. Among them, “building overlapping consensus on Chinese contemporary philosophy” proposed by Prof. Han Donghui from Renmin University of China set off an animated discussion.


The forum was jointly hosted by Renmin University of China, Fu Jen Catholic University and Xiangtan University. Since its initial in 1993, the Cross-straits Forum on Philosophy has attracted more and more universities from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hongkong on 14 occasions. It turns into an academically influential forum of the two parts across the Straits, and makes brilliant contributions to impelling exchange and academic research of Chinese philosophy.


The subject of philosophy is one of the characteristic traditional subjects of Xiangtan University. Established in 1978, department of philosophy offers undergraduate and graduate programs. After development of over 30 years, the department boasts stable and distinctive research branches, in particular study on Mao Zedong thought and research on Hunan academics. The first-level discipline of philosophy is entitled to grant doctors degree, and establishes the Center for Studies of Mao Zedong Thought, one of Research Bases for Humanities and Social Sciences by the Ministry of Education. The department also has a group of faculties with reasonable educational background structure, title structure and age structure including “Changjiang Scholars”.



(Source: Newspaper of Xiangtan University)