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Prof. Yu Mingguang Won the First “KoGuan Xuanyuan Award”



Jointly hosted by Law School of Hunan University and KoGuan Chinese Rule of Law and Principle Studies Center of School of Law, Tsinghua University “Seminar on Yellow Emperor’s Thoughts & Taoism, Logic and Law” kicked off at Yuelu Academy on April 7. Professor Yu Mingguang from Xiangtan University attended the seminar on invitation, and won the first “KoGuan Xuanyuan Award” with the award money reaching 200,000 yuan.


The year 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of the unearthing of The Four Classics of Yellow Emperor. “KoGuan Xuanyuan Award”, initiated by Leo KoGuan and set up by KoGuan Chinese Rule of Law and Principle Studies Center of School of Law, Tsinghua University, aims to push forward research on Yellow Emperor’s thoughts. Held every year, the award is open to nomination or self-recommendation, and is meant to encourage deeper and broader research on Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor, Humane Ancestor and the ancestor of the nation of Chinese.


Leo KoGuan is a Chinese American born in Indonesia. He acts as an internationally renowned philanthropist, entrepreneur, chairman of Leo Koguan Foundation, founder & president of “International Software House”, honorary director of Asia Society, honorary trustee of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Fudan University. Mr. Leo supports the development of higher education in China, and Leo Koguan Foundation has provided financial aid to several institutions of higher learning including Tsinghua University, established “Koguan Buildings”, and set up “Leo Koguan Scholarship” to promote research on and application of Yellow Emperor’s thoughts.


Prof. Yu Mingguang, born in September 1935, comes from the Philosophy and Culture College of Xiangtan University. Devoted to the research on Yellow Emperor’s thoughts, he has published The Four Classics of Yellow Emperor and Yellow Emperor’ Thoughts, The Note & Modern Translation of Four Classics of Yellow Emperor, Culture of Qin and Han Dynasties & Chinese Traditions, Partial View on Taoist Culture, and The Four Classics of Yellow Emperor (in Chinese and English). Mr. Leo Koguan conferred the award to Prof. Yu Mingguang, the first winner to receive this award, to commend his brilliant contributions to the research on The Four Classics of Yellow Emperor in the several decades.


(Source: Office of Social Sciences)