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Students from XTU Won Championship in National Undergraduate Engineering Design Competition



Jointly hosted by the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, China Education Association of Chemical Industry, and Steering Committee for Professional Teaching of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education, the  2013 Sinopec-Mitsui Chemicals Cup—the 7th National Undergraduate Engineering Design Competition unveiled its curtain in Harbin Engineering University on August 22. The “123 Molecular Team” from School of Chemical Engineering of Xiangtan University stood out in the competition, then entered the national finals as the first in central China, and won the national championship. The team consisted of Zhao Gen, Dou Zekun, Du Sisi, Fu Junbin and Liu Qiaoyun, and was instructed by Xie Fanghua, Liao Limin, Jie Jia and Xiong Ying. “Shulin Team” of XTU won the second prize in the national finals after getting the sixth place in central China. This team was made up of Lin Hanzhi, Zou Yongjuan, Lei Shuangshuang, Han Xiuli and Hu Jihao, and taught by Yi Zhengming, Zhou Dajun, Jie Jia and Liu Lin.


Began in May, 2013, the four-month design competition attracted more than 1000 teams from over 160 institutions of higher learning, of which 710 submitted their final design work. Students from our school actively participated in the competition, and won a national first prize, two national second prizes and six national third prizes.


The competition is one in chemical industry with the highest level, the most teams and the largest influence. It aims to cultivate university students’ innovative thinking and engineering skills, develop teamwork spirit, and enhance their engineering design and practice ability. Since its launching in 2009, more students with better works from XTU participate in the contest, fully reflecting their increased comprehensive qualities.



(Source: School of Chemical Engineering)