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World-famous Linguist Halliday Lectured in XTU



At the invitation of School of Foreign Languages, the world renowned linguist M. A. K. Halliday participated in “Shaoshan Flavor • Master Forum”, and delivered a lecture themed with “functions of linguistics” to the teachers and students of Xiangtan University. Vice President of XTU Liu Changgeng attended and addressed the lecture.


M. A. K. Halliday, the founder of systematic functional linguistics(SFL), which is one of the two major linguistic schools in the world, acts as an outstanding representative and master of language in the linguistics circle. His linguistic frame exerts extensive and profound influence on contemporary world linguistics and applied linguistics.


In the lecture, Halliday briefed concept, application and component of linguistics, analyzed the significance of linguistics in the course of development of human society. In addition, he elaborated on the similarities and differences of linguistics in various regions and their correlation, and explored the purpose and importance of linguistics learning.


According to Halliday, linguistics can be studied in two angles: one focuses on the relation between organisms (namely sociological) while the other focuses on the relation within organisms (namely psychological), which complement each other. As a principle, linguistics is widely applied in various fields such as theoretical research, pedagogical linguistics, translation and interpretation. The famous linguist made detailed explanation of system-functional linguistics, holding that systematic functional linguistics studies language through the perspective of social symbols. It boasts a variety of unique features, of which wholeness, functionality and applicability stand out. When it came to the study of linguistics, Halliday stressed that students should not place limit on linguistics of any single language, instead, they should conduct language study and research macroscopically based on “general linguistics”.


Prof. Huang Guowen and Chang Chenguang, president and vice president of China Functional Linguistics Association respectively, attended the lecture.


Halliday and his delegation also visited Mao Zedong Bronze Statue Square, and made extensive communication with chiefs of School of Foreign Languages and International Exchange Center as well as young teacher representatives. He sang highly of the multilingual and multi-level educational advantages of the school and the linguistic competence and comprehensive qualities of students.


 (Newspaper of Xiangtan University    Student reporter: Xu Biying   Article: Zhou Dan
Reporter: Liu Jianxiang/pictures)