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JPCL Published Newest Development of “Mystery of Ice” from XTU



After publishing the research achievement concerning water cluster, ultrathin membrane and the ultra- solid anomalous properties of the surface, the Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages (JPCL) of America (J Phys Chem Lett 4, 2565; 3238) again carried the recent development in terms of density and phonon-stiffness anomalies of water and ice in the full temperature range and physical mechanism by the School of Materials, Optoelectronics and Physics, Xiangtan University.


As is known to all, after water freezes, its density lowers, and floats on the water as ice. The phenomenon is of the utmost importance to human survival and coordination between the earth and ecological environment. For example, floating ice keeps the low temperature out of the water so that creatures such as fish can survive and thrive on cold winter days. However, the physical mechanism that water expands ad floats when it freezes is a recognized problem. Several schools and phenomenological hypotheses have been formed centering on this.


“Keying science and project” team from the School of Materials, Optoelectronics and Physics, XTU and their partners found more than that. The density and vibration frequency of water and ice in the full temperature range take on a four-section temperature driven oscillation. In the liquid and solid state, water looks normal but it expands when heated and contracts when cooled at different speeds, while at ultra-low temperatures and when it freezes, water abnormally expands with cold and contracts with heat. Combining theoretical calculations and experimental measurements, the team systematically confirmed the coulomb coupling asymmetric double oscillator model of hydrogenbond first proposed by them and the theoretical prediction of hydrogen segmented asymmetric thermodynamic parameters and associated relaxation. Their fruit fundamentally demonstrated the temperature driven oscillation features and mechanism of density and phonon frequency of water and ice, and proved that the oxygen-oxygen space of ice is larger than that of water so part of ice floats on the water.


The verified coulomb coupling asymmetric double oscillator and dual polarization model can be applied to explain the negative coefficient of thermal expansion effect displayed by graphite, graphene oxide and zirconium tungstate, and super lubrication lossless friction mechanism of atomic scale of oxygen, nitrogen and fluorine.


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(School of Materials, Optoelectronics and Physics)