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First Patent of XTU Authorized



An international invention patent applied through PCT by the research group headed by Prof .Luo He’an of Xiangtan University was authorized in Japan on April 19, 2013. The patent (Patent No.:5249033)was named “Preparing Amide by Heterogeneous Oxime Rearrangement”, and its international invention patent certificate arrived at the school recently.
PCT application number of the patent: PCT/CN2006/002434
Patent number in Japan: 2008-531513.
Publication date: September 18, 2006
Authorization login date: April 19, 2013
Inventors: Luo He’an, Wu Jian, Liu Guoqing, Zhu Yaling.


It symbolized the first international patent of Xiangtan University, and constituted a crucial step taken by the university in technological innovation and international independent intellectual property rights. It served as one of the research team’s technological achievements of environment-friendly and energy-saving production of caprolactam. In recent years, besides introduction, digestion and absorption of caprolactam industrial technology, the team has conducted numerous creative research, and carried out optimization and upgrading of traditional techniques covering such aspects as benzene hydrogenation, cyclohexane oxidation, ammoximation, rearrangement and refining of caprolactam. In order to lower production cost, alleviate environmental pollution, and realize energy conservation and low consumption of industrial technology, the research group has reaped multiple scientific research results. The series technique of caprolactam production has been applied in the subordinate enterprises of Sinopec, satisfying the growing market demand of caprolactam. It won one Second National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, two First Provincial Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, three Third Provincial Prizes. In addition, it passed three provincial technical appraisals, three technical reviews, applied for 13 technology invention patents and got authorization for 10 patents.



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