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Domestic and Overseas Scholars Discussed Licensing and Transformation of Intellectual Property


2013 International Symposium on Licensing and Transformation of Intellectual Property & the Third Summit Forum on Intellectual Property of Central China, hosted by Xiangtan University was held in Xiangtan on October 14. Mao Jinsheng, director of the Intellectual Property Development & Research Center of State Intellectual Property Office of PRC, Chen Zhongbo, director-general of Hunan Intellectual Property Bureau, Kevin Reynolds, chairman of Licensing Executives Society International (LES) and arbitrator of WIPO, Luo Hean, president of Xiangtan University, and Li Bochao, deputy Party chief of Xiangtan University attended the opening ceremony.

The forum served as an important attempt at "promoting international licensing of intellectual property and education on patent portfolio" by the School of Intellectual Property of XTU and LES. LES, as a significant international organization committed to pushing forward worldwide licensing of technology, has reaped fruitful achievements in training and authorizing licensing practitioners as well as advancing global technological transfer. Xiangtan University took the lead of the province in founding School of Intellectual Property in 2008. After construction and development of five years, it has established a comprehensive personnel cultivation mechanism for undergraduates, postgraduates, doctors and postdoctoral students. The school boasts distinctive features in search and analysis of patent information and protection practice of intellectual property. Hunan Patent Analysis & Assessment Center and Hunan Theoretical Research Base of Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property Rights settled in the university successively, and Hunan innovation base of postgraduate cultivation was approved to set up here. It undertook several major projects, including "patent analysis of wind power" entrusted by State Intellectual Property Office of PRC, "research on intellectual property issue of cloud computing" of the National Fund in Social Science, and "Hunan provincial integrated service platform for patent information” of the provincial major special project of science and technology. On the basis of project research, Xiangtan University established a unique training system for versatile pragmatic talents in intellectual property, providing numerous patent talents for the country.



(Reporter: Liu Jianxiang)