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Students of XTU Won Awards in National 3D Competition


The awarding ceremony of the Sixth 3D Competition closed its curtain in Changzhou City of Jiangsu Province on December 7. Lost Cradle created by Wang Wei and Wu Fangfang admitted to the School of Art of Xiangtan University in 2009 (instructor: Xiong Ming) won the first prize of the competition and a dragon-tripod trophy. The Recollection by Zuo Guowei, Huang Jing and Meng Liang recruited in 2010 (instructor: Xiong Ming) gained the second prize of BIM design competition.

Since its launching in 2008, the National 3D Competition has been held on 6 occasions successfully. With its constant development, over 600 institutions of higher learning, more than 1,000 enterprises, and over 1 million contestants participate in the grand event every year. The entries have been upgraded. It serves as a platform for cooperation in 3D technology, talent and project, and drives the development of upstream and downstream industrial chains. Now, it has developed into a national large public brand event and a grand event of 3D industry of the largest scale, the highest level and the widest influence. The competition has attracted extensive attention from the media, including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily, which cover the grand occasion from the perspective of an evaluation expert or reporter.



(Source: School of Art)