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Prof. Pei Yong Publishes Four Papers on JACS in 2013


Recently, according to the statistic data from Web of Science, four of the eleven papers published by universities or research institutions in Hunan province on the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) that is one of the most authoritative academic journals in the field of chemistry with the impact factor 10.677, have been attributed by Prof. Pei Yong from Xiangtan University, which shows our great advantages and leading role in the chemistry discipline research.

Prof. Pei did four-year post-doctoral research at University of Nebraska Lincoln and later he was appointed as the academic leader in the College of Chemistry in Sept. 2010. Continuously winning Young Scholar Program and General Program of National Natural Science of China, Young Scholar Science Fund of Natural Science of Hunan Province, Prof. Pei focused on the research of theoretical calculation of electronic structure and catalytic nature of low-dimensional nanomaterials such as clusters, molecular self-assembly of semiconductor surface and interface devices as well as grapheme. Many of his papers were highlighted by famous international journals, for instance, Chemical & Engineering News of ACS and Nature Nanotechnology. Prof. Pei did an in-depth research in structure, optics and catalytic nature of nano-gold clusters and published four papers on JACS [JACS 2013, 135, 2583-2595; 135, 18067-18079.; 135, 19060-19063; 135, 19336-19346.]. The paper where his prediction of the structure of Au44 (SR) 28 clusters corrected the error of its charge state in the earlier experiment was rated by the reviewers as the top 5% innovative paper of JACS. Besides, his paper on the new three-molecule clusters of gold nanoparticles low-temperature catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide reaction channels was also highlighted by ACS Chemical & Engineering News.



The Chemistry College of Xiangtan University has enrolled a group of young professors in recent years including Deng Guojun, Pei Yong, Yang Luo and Tang Haoyu etc. It has been making great effort to strengthen team construction as well as teaching and research work thus having achieved some good results. Prof. Deng Guojun has published more than 30 SCI papers, among which more than 20 with the impact factor higher than 5.0 and two were selected into ESI (top 1%). These high-level results have effectively improved our ranking of chemistry discipline in ESI. In 2013 Xiangtan University ranked the top 0.7% in ESI and is keeping a strong upward trend in this field.

(Source: The College of Chemistry, Xiangtan University)