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International Seminar on I-Ching Philosophy Held in XTU


International Seminar on I-Ching Philosophy was held in Xiangtan University (XTU) from April 19th to 20th. More than 100 experts from domestic and overseas research institutions and universities, such as Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, University of Hawaii, University of Toronto, gather here to discuss and exchange ideas around I-Ching and contemporary society. XTU Council Chairman Zhang Jing, Wang Jiping, Vice President of XTU, Ma Baoshan, President of Bejjing Huaxia International Research Institute of I-Ching Philosophy, Xu Yajian, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Xiangtan Municipal Peoples Congress and Zhou Shaoguang, Vice Chairman of Xiangtan Peoples Political Consultative Committee, have attended this seminar. 

After the opening ceremony, Ma Baoshan, Cheng Zhongying, professor of University of Hawaii, Lin Lizhang, professor of University of Toronto, and Liao Moxiang, professor of Nankai University were invited to deliver a keynote speech respectively.

The seminar is organized by Department of Philosophy and Mao Zedong Thought Research Center, and co-organized by Xiangtan Social Science Association, Xiangtan Sinology Research Institute and Australia Body-Fix Healing Center.