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First Foreign Students at Xiangtan University Get Master Degrees


On the morning of June 20th, the graduation ceremony for foreign students with Masters degree of 2014 was held in the 4th floors meeting room of Overseas Students Building. Liu Changgeng, Vice-President of Xiangtan University, attended this ceremony and awarded the graduate diploma for six postgraduates.

Being the first foreign students with Masters degree in our school, the six students come from Spain, Cote dIvoire, Jamaica, Uganda and Vietnam. They majored in Biotechnology, International Business, Philosophy, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and graduated with Master Degree of Engineering, Economics, Philosophy, and Art correspondingly.

According to the introduction of manager from College of International Exchange, at present, the education for foreign students covers Doctors, Masters and Bachelors. There are already 11 colleges which can receive foreign students for study in International Economics and Trade, Law, and Chemical Engineering, including Business College, Law College, College of Literature and Journalism, College of Tourism Management, College of Public Administration, College of Marxism, College of Chemical Engineering, College of Mathematical and Computational Science, College of Architecture and Construction and Mechanics, Department of Philosophy, and Department of History. In 2013, our school has enrolled 169 foreign students, in which 49 students are receiving academic education, including 29 students for bachelor degree, 15 for masters degree and 5 for doctors degree. And recruitment for 2014 is already in the works. More than 200 foreign students are expected to be enrolled.