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Prof. Rémy Mosseri Appointed XTU Distinguished Professor

Famous French physicist Prof. Rémy Mosseri was employed as a distinguished professor of XTU’s “100 Outstanding Foreign Experts Plan”. The appointment ceremony was held on the afternoon of May 15, 2017. Vice President Liu Changqing presented the appointment certificate and school badge to him.
Rémy Mosseri is a Ph.D. in physics at Orsay University (Paris Descartes University). He used to be a chief researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) in France, and worked at the Theoretical Physics and Condensed Matter Laboratory of Pierre and Marie Curie University. He has made a number of internationally influential innovations in the areas of disordered materials, quasi-crystal, condensed matter structure and physical properties, mesoscopic physics, quantum information and quantum phase transition.
Rémy Mosseri thanked XTU for its invitation, and promised to support the university’s physics discipline development. He looked forward to further extending academic discussions and cooperation with XTU teachers and students to make common progress and more achievements.
Vice President Liu on behalf of the XTU extended warm welcome to him. He required that all the colleges and departments should provide necessary assistance to the foreign experts, so as to give full play to their roles and further enhance XTU’s scientific research, innovation team building, discipline development, and international cooperation.
Rémy Mosseri was the doctoral supervisor of XTU’s professor Zhong Jianxin for his study in the National Center for Scientific Research in France. Prof. Zhong is the academic leader of XTU’s physics discipline, and a candidate for the Chang Jiang Scholars Program. Rémy Mosseri and Zhong have conducted collaborative research since 1993. Rémy Mosseri has provided suggestions on physics discipline innovation team building, academic study, and young teacher training since Zhong returned to teach in XTU. In 2016, Rémy Mosseri was appointed as a XTU lecturer.