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2017 XTU Commencement Held

The 2017 XTU Commencement and Bachelors Degree Awarding Ceremony was held at the gymnasium on the morning of June 15, 2017. A total of 9,301 graduates attended. XTU leaders Huang Yunqing, Zhou Yichun, Gao Xieping, Ning Jianmin, Liu Changgeng, Dong Kangming, Zheng Chijian, Huang Zhuqing, Liu Jianping, Liu Changqing, and Liao Yong’an, as well as Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) academician Ouyang Xiaoping were present. CPPCC National Committee Member, All-China General Chamber of Industry and Commerce (ACGCIC) Vice Chairman, and Macrolink Group Chairman and CEO Fu Jun, and Macrolink Group Senior Vice President Liu Jing attended. CPC XTU Committee Secretary Huang Yunqing presided over the ceremony.
Department and college leaders, academic committee members, faculty and staff, and over 700 graduates’ parents participated in the commencement. XTU President Zhou Yichun delivered a speech, extending expectations and wishes to the graduates. Domestic and overseas alumni conveyed their best wishes via videos.
Vice presidents Liu Jianping and Huang Zhuqing read off the lists of winners of outstanding graduate award and the President Award to outstanding postgraduates, and the degree awarding announcement. Doctoral candidate Zhang Youming, postgraduate Yang Zhenzhen, and other 13 graduates received special awards. Sixty-one graduates were rewarded excellent prizes, including fifty-six postgraduates and five doctoral graduates.
All the presenting graduates dressed in caps and gowns. President Zhou stirred their cap tassels, marking their graduation.
The 2017 graduation ceremony boasts largest scale and more innovative forms comparing to the previous years. It had sub venues, and 700 parents attended. The first time, it was lively broadcasted on the Red Net and the New Hunan online channels, to enable the alumni and parents at home and abroad to participate online. Data showed the relevant page views exceeded 320,000 times.
There are 9,301 graduates in total this year, including 67 doctoral candidates, 1,819 postgraduates, and 7,415 undergraduates.