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XTU, SU Sign Dual Degree Program Agreement

XTU and Japan’s Shikoku University (SU) signed a dual degree program agreement on the morning of Sept. 20, 2017. The XTU Business School and the SU Management and Information Science Department will carry out dual degree cooperation according to the agreement. Those who pass the project evaluation will get a dual-degree from both the XTU and the SU. SU Chairman Ichiro Sato, President Home Sanso, department executive, and XTU Vice President Liu Changgeng attended the signing ceremony. CPC Xiangtang University Committee Deputy Secretary Gao Shiping presided over the event.
Founded in 1925, the SU is a private university in Japan. It has complete subject departments, including Literature Department; Management and Information Science Department; Human Life Science Department; Nursing Department; Graduate School; and, Junior College. The SU maintains distinctive teaching style, and pays attention to student personalized education and quality training, trying to shape the students self-reliance spirit.
Both sides have been working closely on frequent teacher and student exchanges since an academic exchange agreement signed in 2011. XTU has sent more than 30 students to study in the SU while many SU students also come to learn Chinese in the XTU. SU President Home Sanso used to visit XTU in September 2015, and XTU Vice President Ning Jianmin paid a return visit in November 2016. The two universities have carried out such programs as the student exchange for Japanese language department and the visiting study for undergraduate and postgraduate student majoring in business.
Both university representatives spoke highly of the mutual communication and cooperation. Vice President Liu believed that the two universities achieved great results despite the relative short time. He expected both sides could further collaborate in such aspects as 2+2 and student exchanging programs.
President Home Sanso said that they have a sound partnership with the XTU, and hoped to enhance cooperation with the counterpart to achieve win-win results. He saw this visit a good new start for both sides.
The XTU Business School and the SU Management and Information Science Department representatives also discussed on academic program details such as the courses matchmaking and the credits exchange.