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North American Think-tank and MOA Doctor Delegation Visits XTU


Between September 23 and 24, a 12-member think-tank and doctor delegation visited Xiangtan University (XTU) and had academic exchange and cooperation with the staff. The delegation consists of a senior educational and technological think tank from North America and a doctoral team of “Spring Sunshine Plan” supported by the Ministry of Education (MOA). XTU President Zhou Yichun accompanied them on the visit and presided over the symposium.

At the symposium, Zhou Yichun extended warm welcome to the guests and gave a detailed introduction to XTU’s history, discipline construction, faculty, alumni resources, and opportunities and challenges. He hoped that future academic exchanges would be increased via this visit, so as to promote the university’s development.
The North American senior educational and technological think tank is headed by Hu Jiajian, senior librarian and information consulting and cataloging expert of the Chicago Public Library. The doctoral team of “Spring Sunshine Plan” is led by Doctor Ma Xiangjiang, alumnus of XTU from the class of 1981, president of the XTU Alumni Association of North America, and, president of the United Chinese Alumni Associations in the USA. After discussing and exchanging views on communication and cooperation between XTU and the Overseas Chinese Association of High Technology and the XTU Alumni Association of North America, the delegation put forward specific suggestions on strengthening top-level design, international exchange, library construction and utilization, and alumni connection and services.
Accompanied by Zhou Yichun, the delegation also paid a visit to the Chairman Mao Bronze Statue Square, Beijing Road, the library, and related laboratories.