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President Zhou Yichun Heads Delegtion to Visit Russian Universities



The XTU delegation visits the Ulyanovsk State University
The delegation communicates with the Moscow State University representatives.
Between October 1 and 5, XTU President Zhou Yichun headed a delegation to visit Russia’s Ulyanovsk State University and Moscow State University, aiming to further strengthen and expand exchanges and cooperation between XTU and the counterparts. Heads of Graduate school, Business School, and Development Planning and Discipline Construction Department accompanied him on the tour.
On October 2, Zhou Yichun and the delegation came to Lenins hometown of Ulyanovsk, a city with profound history and famous for the aircraft manufacturing industry, and visited the Ulyanovlev State University. A vice president received the delegation. The principals of the two sides introduced the background of their universities, the development of academic disciplines, scientific research, and international exchanges respectively. They had talks on such topics as the establishment of inter-university exchanges and cooperation. They also signed a memorandum of cooperation thereafter. The delegation then visited the Sino-Russian strategic cooperation center of the university.
On October 4, the XTU delegation paid a visit to the Moscow State University, where they held talks with heads of the International Exchange Office, and professors of the School of Economics, the School of Management, and the School of Law. Both sides reached a cooperation intention after discussing and exchanging views on cooperation and enrollment of international students.
This visit is XTU’s action to the national " Belt and Road" initiative and implementation of relevant arrangements and requirements for international education cooperation. The move aims to step up internationalization of universities by means of scientific cooperation, and promote international exchanges and cooperation with Russian universities.