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XTU Delegation Visits Japans Shikoku and Seisen?Universities

At the invitation of Japans Shikoku University and SEISEN University, Vice President of Xiangtan University (XTU) Liu Jianping led a delegation to those cooperative universities. They conducted in-depth discussions on student exchange and joint education, teacher exchange and cooperative research, and other issues of common interest. The delegation consisted of four representatives from the International Exchange Center, the Business School and the Academic Affairs Office.
Shikoku University Chairman Ichiro Sato and President Home Sanso welcomed the XTU delegates. President Sanso briefed them on the mutual cooperative projects, and expected to further partnership with the XTU. XTU Vice President Liu introduced the university’s basic conditions and was looking forward to enhancing collaboration with the counterpart since it boasted profound international cooperation experiences. Shikoku University vice president and Management and Information Science professors discussed with the delegation on “2+2” exchange student program. The delegates also visited seven XTU exchange students there to learn about their learning and living conditions.
The delegation was then received by SEISEN University President Yuko Tsutsui and Vice President Keiko Takahashi. President Tsutsui welcomed the guests and Vice President Takahashi introduced university general information. They remarked that the six XTU exchange students were excellent to be student models. XTU Vice President Liu introduced XTU’s basic conditions and reviewed mutual cooperation achievements. The XTU delegation also held a symposium with those exchange students to learn more about their daily life.
XTU officially started cooperation with Shikoku University and SEISEN University in 2011 and 2015 respectively. At present, more than 30 students have been dispatched to the two universities each through student exchange programs.