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Two XTU Professors Listed as Elsevier 2017 Most Cited Chinese Researchers


Recently, the world-famous publishing group Elsevier released the 2017 Most Cited Chinese Researchers list. XTU Prof. Wang Xianyou (energy), and Prof. Zhou Yong (engineering) are on the list. This is the fourth consecutive year for the two professors to be selected since it was initiated in 2014. 


The statistical data of the 2017 Most Cited Chinese Researchers is anchored on Elsevie’s Scopus research database. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. It provides extremely large amounts of scientific research papers, information of authors, and research institutions, which make it possible to evaluate and analyze the international influence of Chinese scholars.


In the field of Bibliometrics, the basic index of measuring the influence or quality of a paper is the number of citations. The influence of a researcher can be evaluated on the number of citations of all his/her published papers. Other researchers can search information and cite the paper after it was published and included in the database. These cited articles are called cited papers, and the authors of cited papers are called cited researchers. If the scientific researchers’ papers are most often cited in academic journals, they will be called highly cited researchers.




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                                ——January 22nd, 2018