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XTU to Add A New Int’l Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Base

Headed by Professor Huang Yunqing, XTU Hunan International Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Base for Computational Science applied by the School of Mathematics and Computational Science was approved and included in the 2017 annual list of Hunan provincial international science and technology cooperation bases, as released by the Hunan Provincial Science & Technology Department recently.
The approval of the new base can be attributed to the following aspects: the disciplines of XTU’s “Computational Science” and “Mathematics” were listed as national key discipline and advantageous key special discipline of Hunan Province respectively. In particular, “Mathematics” is in the top 1% of ESI global rankings. XTU has carried out in-depth cooperation with such international colleges and universities as Spain’s Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Japan’s Doshisha University, Russia’s North-Eastern Federal University, the US University of Nevada, UK’s University of Liverpool, Germany’s Humboldt University of Berlin, Australia’s Queensland University of Technology, National University of Singapore, and Brazil’s Federal University of Paraná. A series of high-level scientific achievements have been made in the method of multiple scales of fluid-structure interaction, magneto-fluid mechanics and heterogeneous problems, numerical simulation of electromagnetic waves, health big data, adaptive finite element methods, biocomputing, mathematical research on quasi-crystal structures, and stochastic optimization.
At next stage, the Base is planned to target at the demands of the provincial economic, social, and scientific and technological development. In response to the major key technological problems existing in the development of key industries or regions, as well as promising strategic industrial fields, endeavors will be made to fully integrate international resources and achieve a combination of “bringing in” and “going global” . Initiatives will be taken to establish a stable and sustainable development strategic partnership with international universities and scientific research institutions; organize and launch international scientific research; cultivate and introduce high-level talents; enhance independent innovation capability and international competitiveness; and, develop an international team. The moves are in an effort to build an international science and technology innovation platform and talent cultivation base integrating discipline building, basic algorithm innovation, numerical software R&D, and scientific engineering application services. In addition, it aims to facilitate the research level of China’s computational science to meet the international standards, improve Hunan and China’s international influence in computing science, and more effectively resolve major scientific and technological problems at home and abroad.