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Academician Huang Yonggang Appointed as XTU Honorary Professor

On the morning of April 27, Academician Huang Yonggang from the Northwestern University of the United States was invited to give an academic lecture titled “Mechanics of Stretchable Electronics” in the auditorium of XTU Library, and appointed as honorary professor by XTU. President Zhou Yichun hosted the lecture and awarded the appointment letter. Vice President Liu Changqing presided over the appointment ceremony.
After three generations’ research and optimization, Huangs team has developed the stretchable inorganic devices that are now highly effective and excellent yet practical. During the lecture, Huang profoundly elaborated their development and application by means of humorous and easy-to-understand language, abundant examples and metaphors, and comparison of the past, present, and future. The superiority and necessity of combination of stretchable devices with human body were fully demonstrated.
During the lecture, the abstract and complicated mechanics theory was explained intuitively and clearly after Huang integrated colored photos with entities to illustrate the video commentary. It broadened students’ horizon and aroused their great interest. "There is a dead end on the way to scientific research. Meanwhile, there is also a door that cannot be found by yourself, but by interdisciplinary communication and contacts", he emphasized.
He answered students questions about how to break through bottlenecks and how to further innovate in the research of the stretchable electronic device technology. He fully affirmed the new ideas put forward by the students and encouraged everyone to integrate theory with practice, so as to achieve future research fruits with basic science and industrialization unity.
On the afternoon of the same day, he was debriefed on the XTU scientific research situation and the basic situation of the School of Materials Science and Engineering. He showed keen interest in concerned research of the young teachers, and put forward comments and suggestions on such areas as scientific research team building, experimental equipment construction, and scientific research project application. Lin Yuan, distinguished professor of Cheung Kong Scholars Program at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, attended.
Huang Yonggang is a well-known solid mechanics researcher. He has been mainly engaged in the research of the mechanical behavior of materials and electronic devices. He pioneered the field of stretchable inorganic electronic devices and proposed a theory of mechanism-based strain gradient (MSG) plasticity. He was elected academician of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in 2010, as well as academician of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and foreign academicians of the Academia Europaea and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2017.