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President Zhou Yichun Leads A Delegation to Recruit Talents in the US


Between July 1 and 5, 2018, XTU President Zhou Yichun, at the invitation of the University of Chicago (UChicago) and the State University of New York at Stony Brook, led a delegation to visit them. The delegation, consisting of heads of the XTU Business School, College of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, College of Environment and Resources, and Xingxiang College, held high-level job fairs, and conducted exchanges with the UChicago counterparts.

The delegation held three job fairs respectively in Chicago and New York. Chicago is the first stop for their talents recruitment. In the picturesque and historic campus of the Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, the job fair not only attracted outstanding XTU alumni, but also many young Chinese scholars who work or study at the two universities. Some Chinese young scholars from Columbia University, New York University and the State University of New York at Stony Brook attended the second recruitment fair held in New York.

At the three job fairs, President Zhou Yichun introduced relevant talent introduction policy of Xiangtan University to the participants. He encouraged young scholars to shine themselves in China. Heads of relevant XTU schools also conducted in-depth exchanges with scholars in related disciplines. The participants expressed that they had deep feelings of the Xiangtan Universitys “sincere demand for talent”.

At the recruitment meeting in Northwestern University, Zhou Yichun received a resume from an American teacher unexpectedly. It turned out that the person had long known that Xiangtan University was going to hold a job fair in Chicago. Therefore, he came all the way to apply for a foreign teacher post.

The delegation was strongly supported and assisted by the Xiangtan University North American Alumni Association. Hu Jiajian, president of the XTU North American Alumni Association, and vice-presidents such as Sheng Xiaoling and Hu Guobin, have worked hard to ensure the smooth holding of recruitment fairs, and the inter-school exchanges. Some alumni have come afar from Silicon Valley, Wisconsin, and New Jersey to Chicago and New York by plane or by cars, to show their support for XTU. The XTU North American Alumni Association has been preparing and coordinating the job fairs since the beginning of this year. They not only participated in the production and proof reading of the recruitment materials, but also using their extensive contacts to launch a large number of job advertisements in the media in Chicago, New York, and Wisconsin.

During the delegations visit, the Association joined the job fairs and was responsible for news coverage of the job fair and inter-school exchange. They published a series of high-quality news reports on Chicago Chinese News, chineseofchicago.com, The China Press Weekly, and uschinapress.com, announcing the official opening of XTU’s global talents recruitment, which has had a positive impact on the Chinese academic circle. Domestic media such as china.com.cn and hunantoday.cn also made special coverage on President Zhou’s recruitment tour in the United States.

Zhou Yichun expressed his special thanks to the North American alumni for their efforts when meeting with North American alumni representatives. He pointed out that alumni is a valuable asset and the best job advertisements of Xiangtan University. XTU warmly welcomes all the alumni to further make contributions to the development of it, and come back home to attend the 60th founding anniversary of XTU, he added.