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Dr. Lv Zhike Publishes High-quality Research Paper on Economics Letters


Recently, Associate Professor Lv Zhike, a young teacher at the Business School of Xiangtan University, published the results of a collaborative study as the first author on the internationally renowned SSCI journal Economics Letters. The title is “Does women’s participation in politics increase female labor participation? Evidence from panel data analysis”.

Economics Letters aims to quickly and efficiently disseminate new achievements, models and methods in various fields of economics. It has been listed as a three-star journal in a high-quality academic journals guide published by the UK Association of Business School (ABS), and an A-level journal approved by the Economic Society of Australia. It has extensive academic influence both at home and abroad.

Dr. Lv started working at the XTU Business School in July 2015. His main research interests are panel data model, political economy, and energy economy. In the past three years, he has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation Youth Project (No.71703140), the Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation Youth Project (No. 2017JJ3293), and the Hunan Provincial Education Department Excellent Youth Project (No.17B266). He also participated in many national and provincial projects. As the first author or correspondent, he has published more than ten research papers on many internationally well-known SSCI/SC journals, including Energy Economics (1, impact factor 3.91), Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (1, impact factor 9.18), and Current Issues in Tourism (1, impact factor 3.46). He also has 4 papers in the JCR 1.