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20 Domestic and Overseas University Presidents Meet in XTU

The XTU 60th Founding Anniversary Celebration Serial Academic Forum-“Higher Education Development in New Era” University Presidents Forum was held in Xiangtan University on September 9, 2018. Nearly 20 university presidents from Russia, Spain, South Korea, Uganda and other countries gathered together to discuss the development of higher education in the new era.
The guests present were:
Prof. Shamin Anatolii Evgenievich, rector of Nizhny Novgorod State Engineering and Economic University, Russia; Mrs. Pilar Gutiérrez Santiago, general secretary of University of León, Spain; Hyungju Park, president of Ajou University, South Korea; Peng Shehan, secretary of the CPC Committee of Jinggangshan University; Jia Suotang, president of Shanxi University; Li Bochao, president of Hunan University of Science and Technology; Wang Xuehua, vice president of Sun Yat-Sen University; Zhang Jiwei, vice president of Inner Mongolia University; Hu Junyun, vice president of Jiaxing University; Wang Gang, vice president of Yanan University; and,Lv Zhaoping, vice president of Beijing University of Science and Technology. The forum was presided over by Gao Xieping, deputy secretary of the CPC XTU Committee.
Eight university presidents from home and abroad respectively reported on the four themes of “world-class universities and first-class disciplines construction”, “local high-level university construction”, “higher education for 2030”, and “internationalization of higher education”.
Chen Xiaohong, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Hunan University of Commerce, gave a report on Local High-level University Construction—Innovation-oriented Entrepreneurship Education, to elaborate on the innovation-oriented higher education reform and innovation and entrepreneurship education in the digital economy era.
Song Yuqing, vice president of Jiangsu University, set forth his ideas on high-level university construction in his report Relying on Industrial Trend to Develop Well Locally.
Cheng Hongbo, secretary of the CPC Dongguan University of Technology, analyzed the objectives, strategies, and approaches of local high-level university construction in his speech Striving for Establishing First-class Undergraduate Education.
Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, vice-chancellor of Makerere University, explained “internationalization” in his report Higher Education Internationalization.
Lai Shaocong, vice president of Northwest University, delivered a speech on Northwest University’s Reflections on Local High-level University Construction.
Prof. Roberto Baelo Álvarez, vice rector of University of León, shared his ideas on Higher Education Internationalization, and suggested on how to elevate it.
Yang Zeyu, vice president of Yunnan University, made a speech on Strengthening International Issues Research to Promote Higher Education Internationalization.
Zhou Yichun, president of Xiangtan University, introduced XTU’s development foundation and characteristic advances in civil-military integration. His report was Meeting Industrial Demands and Serving for National Strategies—Comprehensively Promoting Civil-Military Integration Disciplines and New Engineering Discipline Construction and Development.