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One XTU Project Honored 2018 National Teaching Achievement Award Second Prize

The Ministry of Education recently issued the Decisions on Approving 2018 National Teaching Achievement Award Winners. The “Exploration of Strengthening the Revolutionary Spirits Education of the Communist Party of China in the Ideological and Political Theory Courses of Colleges and Universities” presided over by XTU Professor Li Youxin (Completed by: Li Youxin, Li Yaxing, Li Yishun, Tang Zhengmang, Huang Xianzhong, and Liu Jianping) won the second prize.
The National Teaching Achievement Award for Higher Education is selected once every four years, which represents the highest level of higher education in China. It is a core indicator that highlights the talent training level in colleges and universities, and the effectiveness of education, teaching and innovation. It is highly valued by the higher education circle.
There are 7 universities in Hunan Province honored the National Teaching Achievement Award of 2018 as the first author affiliation. They are: Hunan University (3), National University of Defense Technology (3), Central South University (2), Xiangtan University (1), Hunan University of Technology (1), Hunan University of Commerce (1), and Hunan First Normal University (1).