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XTU, CARTC Strengthen Strategic Partnership

The 48th China Astronaut Research and Training Center (CARTC) academic annual conference was held in Beijing on January 15 and 16. Nearly a thousand experts from national military and local universities, and manned space institutions joined to discuss such topics as “artificial intelligence”, “data intelligence” and “environmental control and life support”. Nine teachers from XTU College of Environment and Resources, School of Mechanical Engineering, and College of Information Engineering attended.
The teachers present at the conference, based on the XTU-CARTC strategic cooperation agreement signed in 2018, met with relevant CARTC laboratory experts, and discussed with them the blueprint for future cooperation. They exchanged ideas on “water recycling”, “gas recycling”, “comprehensive treatment of domestic waste and its resources reutilization”, “space suit design”, and other preliminary collaborative contents; and the resolvable ecological environment and other problems in the field of environmental control and life support in the “manned space and moon exploration program”.
Shen Jian and Tian Ke, XTU College of Environment and Resources teachers, and Xu Zhiyuan, XTU School of Mechanical Engineering teacher, met with Zhou Kanghan, CARTC researcher and XTU part-time professor, and other CARTC experts. They had in-depth discussion on personnel training, scientific and technological research cooperation, and project declaration; and determined cooperation forms and specific plans.
XTU teachers also attended the thesis proposal meeting of the first group of XTU-CARTC jointly-trained graduates. Through these events, the cooperation foundation between XTU and CARTC has been further strengthened. It also strongly promoted mutual comprehensive strategic partnership establishment.