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CAFIU Vice President Ai Ping Gives a Lecture at XTU

Ai Ping, Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAFIU) vice president and CPC Central Committee International Department former vice minister, gave a lecture at the XTU Academic Forum on May 9, 2019. His speech was titled Personal Experiences of Party and Government Exchanges Between China and Asian and African Countries. He shared with XTU teachers and students his personal experience of doing Sino-African diplomatic work. Shu Zhan, Chinese Association of Asian and African Studies consultant and China’s former ambassador to Eritrea and Rwanda, participated. The forum was presided over by XTU Vice President Liu Jianping.
Ai Ping pointed out that before 1977, China’s foreign policy was relatively unitary, and government exchanges were the main form. With the deepening of reform and opening up, peace and development have become the theme of the current era, and foreign policy of various countries has gradually become diversified. At this stage, Chinas foreign policy is based on "overall diplomacy" with Chinese characteristics, that is, the all-round diplomatic model involving government, political parties, parliaments, and non-governmental contact.
“Only when you are in Africa, can you really understand Africa. Any study based on paper work is mere paper talk.” He believes that when studying African issues, the researcher should make field visits to avoid looking only at the surface of them. He said that different African countries have different national conditions, and the political, economic and social aspects of Africa are the result of various factors.

In the interactive session, Ai Ping and Shu Zhan answered students questions. Ai Ping also presented his book to students.