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Confucius Institute, University of León Introduces Chinese Culture at 40th Founding Anniversary of the University


The Confucius Institute, University of León invited the dragon and lion dance teams in Madrid to organize a parade, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the University of León. The León Chinese Association, Confucius Institute teachers, students and their parents, and local residents joined the event.

The parade had three teams: the lion dance team, Chinese traditional costume team, and dragon dance team. They started from the Confucius Institute. Accompanied by the rhythm of the drums, they passed through the city center of León, the El Museo de Gaudí Casa Botines, and the Catedral de león, León City landmark.

In front of the El Museo de Gaudí Casa Botines, the exciting dragon and lion dance performance attracted a large number of citizens and visitors. They gathered around the team and enjoyed this unique performance from China. Ms. Huang Zheng, León Chinese Association president, presented a traditional Chinese dance, wining rounds of applause.

In front of the terminal, the Catedral de león, there were over a hundred of spectators waiting in advance for the show. Before the dragon and lion dance performances concluded, two banners saying the 40th anniversary of the University of León celebrations were ‘spit out’ from the lions mouths. The audience was amazed. After the performance, Juan Francisco García Marín, University of León president, took the stage to add the finishing touch (dot the eyes) for the lion eyes (a lion-awakening ritual) and take photos with the performers.

Many León media reported the parade. The local people said that the event was very interesting, showing Chinese costumes and giving people chance to know more about Chinese culture. They also expected to see more performances with Chinese cultural characteristics in the future.