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Makerere University, University of Leon Guests Visit XTU

Between December 11 and 13, Alex Kakooza, executive secretary general of the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda; Barnabas Nawangwe, president of Makerere University; and, Óscar Fernández Álvarez, foreign dean of the Confucius Institute at the University of Leon, visited Xiangtan University (XTU). XTU President Li Bochao met the guests.
President Li said that with the joint efforts, the two Confucius Institutes have achieved fruitful results. The Confucius Institutes at Makerere University and the University of Leon were awarded the title of “Advanced Confucius Institute” in 2018 and 2019, respectively. XTU is full of confidence and expectation for future in-depth cooperation with the two universities.
On the morning of December 11, Alex Kakooza met with Ugandan students in XTU and had a discussion with them to learn about their study and living conditions. He thanked XTU for the education and care given to Ugandan students.
On the afternoon of December 11, he signed a cooperation agreement with the Hunan Provincial Department of Education. The Confucius Institute at Makerere University gave impetus to the cooperation. According to the agreement, the Hunan Provincial Department of Education and the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of higher education, vocational education, and basic education.
This delegation's visit further strengthened the collaborative relationship between XTU and the Makerere University and the University of Leon, deepened the friendship between each other, and also promoted the education cooperation between Hunan and the Makerere University to a new level.